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9 deadly accessories all Irish people need to help cope with the rain this winter

Three words: hands-free umbrella.

1. The Rainshader

rainshader Source: Amazon

Introducing The Rainshader. Also known as your new lifesaver.

This updated take on the traditional umbrella has a sort of hooded back that promises not to blow inside out and keeps you ultra dry. Additionally, its design enables you to walk through crowds without fear of poking someone’s eye out.


2. Waterproof iPhone case

raincase Source: Amazon

Attempting to use your phone in a downpour as the screen gets increasingly submerged in rainwater and paranoia begins to set in that your phone will be permanently water-damaged – we’ve all been there.

This waterproof iPhone case protects the phone from the rain, while allowing you to use the touch screen.


3. Hands-free umbrella

umbrellaholder Source: Amazon

Struggling with bags while simultaneously trying to hold an umbrella?

No more, thanks to this umbrella holder!

Hands-free, baby.

4. Shoe protector spray

waterproof spray Source: Amazon

Not to sound like your Mam, but if you have invested in some fancy footwear, then the least you can do is invest in some shoe protector spray and ensure your suede kicks don’t end looking absolutely haggard.

5. Shirt

rainproof shirt Source: Threadsmiths

Manufactured by Melbourne clothing company Threadsmiths, this white t-shirt is completely waterproof and stain-resistant.

It’s 100% cotton, but treated with “hyrophobic nanotechnology” meaning that you can wear this in the rain without the fear of getting drenched.


shawshank Source: Reddit

6. Umbrella share

umbrellashare Source: Kickstarter

We’ve all been caught in the rain without an umbrella and being tempted to duck under a stranger’s brolly. UmbrellaHere is a light that you affix to your umbrella and in turn signals that your umbrella is available for sharing with a stranger.

The light is powered by a mobile app. Leave your umbrella behind? The app will send a notification to your phone reminding you to bring it along with you.

7. Blotting paper

blottingpaper Source: Amazon

Caught in the rain and worried about it destroying your make-up?

Blotting paper is your saviour.

8. Shoe covers

shoecover Source: Amazon

No more stuffing your shoes with newspaper!

9. Portable sock dryer

dry1 Source: Kamil Lazsuk

Okay, so this may not have come to fruition yet, but Polish product designer Kamil Laszuk has created the concept for this sock dryer and all we can say is…

frozen Source: Imgur

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