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11 irrational superstitions Irish people believe in

Happy Friday the 13th!

THE IRISH FOR superstition is ‘piseog’.

And we Irish are known for holding on to piseogs, regardless of how irrational or illogical they may seem.

For example…

1. If you damage a fairy fort, you’re pretty much asking for it

fairyfort Source: Wikipedia

Seriously, don’t touch them with a barge pole.

2. Blank a magpie at your peril

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Sunderland v Newcastle United - Stadium of Light Source: EMPICS Sport

If you spot a magpie on his lonesome, you have to say hello/make pleasantries with it.

Even if it’s sometimes awkward.

 3. If you spot a penny on the ground, you have no other option but to pick it up


Even if it makes you look a bit scabby.

4. An itchy nose is definitely a sign of a fight

Soccer - Coca-Cola Football League Championship - Sheffield United v Bristol City - Bramall Lane Source: EMPICS Sport

In order to prevent the fight, someone must slap your hand and you have to slap their hand back.

It’s just science.

5. Finding a comb on the ground is definitely a bad omen

It belongs to the banshee, duh.


6. Don’t even think about putting new shoes on the table

Fashion Week BGBG Max Azria Fall 2013 Backstage Source: AP/Press Association Images

Are you trying to ruin your life?

7. And don’t you dare wear new clothes to a funeral

Lizzie Animated GIF Source: Giphy

No way, José.

8. You must bless yourself anytime you pass a church or graveyard

Travel-Trip-Ireland-Saints Source: AP/Press Association Images

It’s basically built into the Irish psyche.

9. If you’re a red-haired woman, stay away from fishermen

For their safety.

10. The only way to ward off a chest infection is with donkey hair

Donkeys celebrate Christmas Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

This one was confirmed to us by one TheJournal.ie staffer. Anyone?

11. But don’t worry: if a bird poos on you, it’s definitely good luck

giphy Source: Giphy

At least we’ve got that going for us.

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