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14 photos that prove Tiger is the most magical shop ever

Our happy place.

Jestem w raju nr 2 #tigerpolska #tigerstores #warszawa

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TIGER MIGHT JUST be the best shop ever.

It’s cheap, it’s Scandinavian and you never know what you’re going to stumble upon in there…

Oh, what’s this? Just some religious iconography, no biggy


Sometimes its designs are a little risqué…

I saw this peculiar item in Tiger last week.

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And sometimes they’re just downright ‘WTF?’

I want to know who decides what Tiger sells #tigerdublin

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Found a nice gift for you hun xoxo

Tiger: where you can walk in and end up spending €3 on a space pistol, just because


This better get me pissed #tigerstores

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Did we mention it’s a one-stop shop for hipster snacks

No Tayto here, no way.

You, walking into Tiger: “I don’t really know what a cake chandelier is, but I need one right this instant.”

Take all my money.


Ditto the carrot sharpener.

Tiger: always there to make you worry about how sharp your carrots are/aware of kitchen utensils you never knew existed since forever.

Everyone needs a carrot sharpener, right? #carrotsharpener #tigerstores

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In fairness, sometime they’re downright geniuses


And other times they knock it out of the park…


Never change, Tiger.

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