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An important and definitive ranking of childhood chew bars

Do not argue.


11. Black and Red

Who thought of putting raspberry and blackcurrant together in a chew bar and giving it to children? This tasted like eating a strip of leather, with the same texture. NO.

The-Sweetie-Stop-black-and-red-chew-bars Source: Thesweetiestop

10. Refreshers

Well, these are bland for a lemon bar and way nicer as a small sweet, so you can pretty much do one, Refresher bar.

Refresher Bar New Planet Candy-500x500 Source: Planetcandy

9. Blackjack

Yes, they are delicious, but they left you with a big black mouth. No thanks.

blackjack-chew-thumb Source: Tangerineuk

8. Fizzy Lizzy

These BLEW THE HEAD OFF YA. But you looked like a badass eating one, despite the tame name.

raw-1234218478-595x417 Source: Doyouremember

7. Wham

Wham bars are delicious, yes, but they literally took one of your teeth out. Everyone knows someone who lost a baby tooth to these pink sticks of sugar.

wham-bar-original-raspberry-flavour-new-larger-size--824-p Source: Confectionaffection

6. Stinger

Stinger is the king. It’s only not up further than this due to how messy it used to get with all that powder in it.

stinger_chew_bar_34 Source: Chocolatebuttons

5. Roy the Rover

Radioactive yellow, complete with a tangy pineapple taste. What’s not to like?

roy_rovers_bar__35018 Source: Treasureislandsweets

4. Lanky Larry

This strawberry delight

fa0f05a4ead842bd17842ca9ecc46378 Source: Pinterest

3. Bruiser

One of the finest cola chews you could get.

bassetts_bruiser_cola_chew_bar_30 Source: Chocolatebuttons

2. Dan Bar

Remember this one? With the zesty flavour and black sugar granules? Amazing. It gets one of the top spots because you could actually FEEL your teeth rotting.

desperate_dan_bar Source: Treasureislandsweets

1. Woppa

Spearmint, cola, who cares. Woppa was the KING of chewy bars and we haven’t stopped mourning its loss.

woppa_zps094a63b4 Source: Photobucket

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