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Ray D'Arcy is under fire for his 'sexist' interview with Pamela Anderson

There’s outcry on social media following D’Arcy’s interview with the actress last night.

pam Source: RTÉ

RAY D’ARCY HAS been criticised by viewers for his ” sexist” and “disrespectful” interview with actress Pamela Anderson.

D’Arcy interviewed the former Baywatch star on The Ray D’Arcy Show last night and came under fire for what many perceived as his condescending comments towards the actress.

Here he is asking her about her two sons.

pam1 Source: RTÉ

And here he is making a clunky reference to her boobs.

stached Source: RTÉ

At one point, D’Arcy showed a photo of Anderson receiving a knighthood from the Prince of Montenegro and commented, “There you are on your knees in front of the Prince of Montenegro.”


darcy Source: RTE

And D’Arcy concluded the interview by saying, “It was great, I was going to say, having you. I should really rephrase that.”

giphy Source: Giphy

Needless to say, viewers were unimpressed with D’Arcy’s line of questioning.

Broadcaster Maia Dunphy was among those to call out D’Arcy for his “relentless innuendo”. 

Many noted the irony of the interview following a discussion about women’s rights with journalist Roisin Ingle.

But more than anything, everyone just felt bad for Pamela Anderson.

For its part, RTÉ has declined to comment on the interview with a spokesperson telling DailyEdge.ie, “RTÉ won’t be commenting on this occasion.”

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