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9 reasons why Twitter believes Fermanagh is perfect for G8
The summit is coming to Enniskillen, and that’s that.

WILL THEY HAVE ever seen the likes in Fermanagh? British Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed yesterday that he will host the two-day G8 summit in Enniskillen in June next year.

Yesterday, we had locals giving advice to visiting dignitaries on where to stay – and where to score the perfect Ulster fry.

Now that the excitement has settled somewhat, has Twitter turned a jaundiced eye on the plans for next summer’s hooley, sorry, deeply security-sensitive gathering of world leaders? Of course it has:

9 reasons why Twitter believes Fermanagh is perfect for G8
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  • Because The Gathering can claim it.

  • Because the Lakeland Forum can claim it.

  • Because it allows Dan Boyle to show off his Churchill quotes.

  • Because the area has such brilliant 3G coverage.

  • Because St Angelo's runway FINALLY gets a go at Airforce One.

  • Because...

  • Because Fermanagh keeps it country.

  • Because there should be a transport solution called F.A.R.T.

  • Because no fields nor cows should be harmed in the making of this G8.