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Rebecca Black's new single is out - but can it compare to 'Friday'?

‘Person of Interest’ has debuted on the 14-year-old’s YouTube channel and has over 150,000 views already.

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HER DIVISIVE FIRST music video became an unexpected internet smash with over 126 million views on YouTube – and now Rebecca Black is back to defy the critics yet again.

The 14-year-old’s new single ‘Person of Interest’ has debuted on her YouTube channel and already has over 150,000 views in less than 24 hours.

In the song, Black narrates her burgeoning feelings for a boy (“When we’re dancing real close think I like ya… Now I can’t get ya out of my mind-ya”) as they attend a number of tween-appropriate events, including a fairground, karting, and miniature golf.

The song details Black’s conflicting feelings over her would-be boyfriend, noting “There’s a chalk line on the dance floor in the shape of my heart… Can’t deny you’re implicated in the mayhem in my mind”.

Throughout the video Black explains her dilemma to a sympathetic police officer, who draws a cariacature photofit of Black and her paramour.

What do you think? Does it match the dizzying highs/lows of Friday? Can anything? Tell us below in our mini-poll…

Poll Results:

It's as good/bad as Friday (80)
It's worse than Friday (79)
It's better than Friday (50)

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