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Ireland's recession is basically over because we embarrassed Germany*
*At least, that’s what Twitter says.

Donall Farmer / INPHO Donall Farmer / INPHO / INPHO

YESTERDAY, IRELAND HAD its first non-punitive Budget in several years AND took away a possibly-crucial point from an away qualifier with Germany.

(AND got its own Nespresso shop.)

It was a big day. A big day. And when John O’Shea’s last minute equaliser left the German team with egg on their faces (Ei auf ihren Gesichten), Irish people knew that the recession was essentially over.

There was widespread economic rejoicing on Twitter

And we haven’t forgotten *that* flag

Essentially, it was the highlight of the Budget

Donall Farmer / INPHO Donall Farmer / INPHO / INPHO

And some pleaded for exemptions for special cases

Although others feared punitive measures

There was widespread mad triumphalism

One, eh, feisty MMA artiste suggested starting a barney

And there were memories made

However, a pastry chef from Galway may be experiencing some regret

Still and all. We’ll always have Nespresso.

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