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netflix and chill

14 truly realistic relationship goals from the people of Twitter

Mostly involving pizza.

THE GOOD PEOPLE of Twitter have been sharing what they want in their romantic lives, and it’s been weird, romantic and eye-opening.

Under the #RelationshipGoalsIn3Words hashtag, all has been revealed:

1. Like this inspirational goal

2. Pizza was a common theme

3. Any relationship with that must be doing something right

4. And that last slice is the deal breaker

5. But outside of the pizza realm, there were some throwbacks to the classics

It will ALWAYS be relevant.

6. The modern versions of which work too

7. And the new relationship normal

8. Actually, scratch the chilling part

9. This quote will work

10. This steamy, weird encounter is everything

11. The sweet music to anyone’s ears

12. Everything about this little guy

13. The real need for a partner in crime

14. And finally… this heartwarming sentiment


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