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A prankster truthfully renamed sections of his local bookstore and it was hilarious

Trolling has never been this much fun.

WHEN IT COMES to pranking your local book shop, there aren’t really that many options out there – but one genius found a way to make it happen.

Jeff Wysaski, of the Obvious Plant blog, went out of his way to reprint the names of sections of his local book store in LA – and the results were top notch.

There was this literal description of the front covers

tumblr_njkvsay7Z51u53c30o1_1280 Source: Obvious Plant

Calling out cookbooks for what they really are

tumblr_njkvsay7Z51u53c30o9_1280 Source: Obvious Plant

And the take-out menu left below for easy access is the finishing touch you so desperately need.

These people all look so… professional

tumblr_njkvsay7Z51u53c30o6_1280 Source: Obvious Plant

This needs to be a real section in every single shop

tumblr_njkvsay7Z51u53c30o5_1280 Source: Obvious Plant

*tugs nervously at collar*

tumblr_njkvsay7Z51u53c30o3_1280 Source: Obvious Plant

All gullible people go upstairs, please

tumblr_njkvsay7Z51u53c30o7_1280 Source: Obvious Plant

Yeah, what’s your deal, Caitlin?

tumblr_njkvsay7Z51u53c30o2_1280 Source: Obvious Plant

All his fears in one concise section of the store

tumblr_njkvsay7Z51u53c30o8_1280 Source: Obvious Plant

If all book shops took this unique approach to section labelling, the world would surely be a better place.

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