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13 fashion disasters all Irish teen girls faced in the noughties

You were the coolest kid in first year.

BEING A TEENAGER in noughties Ireland was a fierce unstylish fate.

1. Combats

The more pockets, the better. Bonus points if you could zip them off into shorts.

44502816_xxl Source: Sportsdirect

2. O’Neills

Red, white, navy, black, you had to have em all. Perfect teamed with a denim jacket and a glowing white pair of Adidas shell shoes.

berne-pants Source: Oneills

3. Adidas rip offs

An absolute must-have in 90s Ireland. You weren’t quite a teen yet, but if you were lucky enough to get some hand-me-downs from your siblings… JACKPOT.

pants-4 Source: eBay

4. Chokers

Just… why?

$_35 Source: eBay

5. Crimped hair

You weren’t a real teenager until you burned this creased pattern into your hair at one stage or another.

Crimped_hair_salon Source: Wikimedia

6. Body glitter

Smelly and sticky. Perfect, better lather it all over ourselves.

52c49203289c54a33daea782efde21ce Source: Pinterest

7. Trousers with skirts

A dark time in Irish history.

4093737e18f95934f915ecdb6b25c5b2 Source: Pinterest

8. Denim Pedal pushers

Ah, calf-length denim in Ireland, so ill advised, but so on-trend.

mGFs5zDJCdfemybwNJl8mMg Source: eBay

9. Nope hoodies, flared jeans, cords

THE coolest brand in Irish teen girl history. But did those cords have to be SO wide? You couldn’t even see your shoes.

nope-8-427x500 Source: DailyEdge.ie

10. Bandanas

No one knows why this was a thing, but we’ve made our bed so let’s lie in it.

bandana 2 Source: Galeon

11. Hair mascara

What genius came up with this little invention?

HAIRMASCARA99 Source: Stupid

12. Hair springs

Twist them into your hair and become the envy of the whole class.

SN140 Source: Alliedtrading

13. Jelly sandals

They’re having a comeback but they will never be as aspirational as they were when you were a kid in the 90s. You may have even kept them into your teens…

adult_blue-sparkles_11 Source: streetwalkers101

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