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11 of the moments that made Richard Attenborough a treasure


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RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH has passed away at the age of 90.

The world has been paying tribute: here are just a few of the reasons he was so loved.

1. For a generation of children, he WAS Santa

2. But he was also a debonair style icon and Hollywood charmer

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Here he is, just having a casual chinwag with Jane Russell. No biggie.

3. He uttered these immortal words

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4. And it wasn’t just for a Spielberg paycheck. He enjoyed it so much, he also appeared in the welcome video for the Jurassic Park theme park ride

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5. In fact, his choice of movies wasn’t what you’d call stuffy. Attenborough once played a man whose ambition was to create a “universal inflatable bra”

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6. As part of The Great Escape, he etched his name on Hollywood history

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7. But let’s not forget this photo of him driving a miniature steam train with an important cargo of children.

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8. His portrayal Pinkie in Brighton Rock remains one of cinema’s greatest antiheroes

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9. That was in 1947. Fifty-five years later in 2002, he said that the only thing that could tempt him out of retirement was the chance to play Dumbledore in Harry Potter

Asked if his retirement was permanent, Attenborough told a reporter: “Yes. Unless you get me Dumbledore.”

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

10. He was one of only a handful of actors to also win an Academy Award for Best Director

Source: AP/Press Association Images

For Gandhi, in 1982.

Attenborough shares this accolade with Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Kevin Costner and, uh, Mel Gibson.

11. And in all, he and younger brother David have been part of our cultural life for more than half a century

At David’s wedding in 1950:

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

And in 2006:

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

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Thanks for everything, Richard.

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