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The Dredge: Rihanna ignores the 'no nipples' rule

Of COURSE she does. The very best of the morning’s celebrity dirt.

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, DailyEdge.ie rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt – from the top to the very bottom.

#RIRI: You may remember that celebrities were kindly requested to refrain from showing off their naughty bits at the Grammys.

Well, NOBODY puts Rihanna in the no-naughty-bits corner. She went right ahead and arrived in a nipple-baring dress:

OK, we see your nipples again Rihanna. Happy now? (Jordan Strauss/AP)

She wasn’t alone, either. Miley Cyrus had a not-very-accidental-looking wardrobe malfunction at a pre-awards party. (The Sun)

And Katy Perry kindly kept her nipples under wraps, but still got a severe ogling from Ellen DeGeneres:

Is everyone sick of the word ‘nipples’ now? Yeah, us too.

#AWESOME: Meanwhile, Mumford and Sons may have won the top prize at the Grammys (for reasons inexplicable). But I think we can all agree that Kelly Clarkson was the REAL winner. Just look at this photobomb!

Nice work Clarkson. (Also, the head on Portia de Rossi.)

#HER MADGE: Madonna is on Instagram, everyone! Yes, this is totally happening. She’s already got more than 50,000 followers and she hasn’t even taken a photo of her breakfast yet.

So what have we learned? Well, firstly that she enjoys a nice Martini:

And secondly that she’s “addicted to sweat”.

So, there’s that. (Instagram)

And the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Helen Mirren has pink hair now, because Helen Mirren is awesome. (DailyEdge.ie)
  • Justin Bieber has apologised for smoking weed, and called himself a “douche”. Now, isn’t it time he apologised for those trousers? (The Sun)
  • Chris Brown pranged his Porsche and blamed the paparazzi. They say they had nothing to do with it. (TMZ)
  • Kim Kardashian is in Brazil with Will Smith, and posted a weirdly average holiday video. (Keek)
  • Adele either got a tattoo for her baby son, or wants to avoid forgetting what her name is. (Mail Online)

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