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Nearly 400 people complained to the BBC about Rita Ora's cleavage

The One Show have apologised for the singer’s outfit.

ON MONDAY EVENING, Rita Ora appeared on BBC’s The One Show wearing this low-cut jacket with nothing underneath it.

The jacket (and her cleavage) immediately set social media alight with many people complaining that it wasn’t suitable attire for an pre-watershed programme.

The outfit attracted 399 complaints from viewers.

Yesterday morning, The One Show took to Facebook to apologise for the outfit, saying that they had not been consulted on her clothing prior to the broadcast. 

theoneshow Source: The One Show/Facebook

Now people are criticising The One Show’s decision to apologise for the outfit and for essentially throwing Rita Ora under the bus.

Even Katie Hopkins weighed in.

For its part, the BBC defended the singer’s outfit, saying that The One Show allows guests to choose what they wear on air.

We didn’t feel that Rita’s outfit would be outside of most viewers’ expectations of that of a major pop star, but we appreciate that tastes vary.

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