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Rita Ora says she got 'hacked', but was it just a huge Twitter fail?

Meanwhile, the world sniggers behind their hands.

BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards - London Source: Laura Lean/PA Wire/Press Association Images

RITA ORA has been left a little red-faced (but she won’t admit it) after a failed attempt at drumming up publicity for her new music on Twitter.

On Friday, the singer/model/actress/rent-a-crowd tweeted that she would release new music today (November 3) if she got 100,000 retweets.

Which would make sense, considering she released the first single from her upcoming second album in January, with no follow up single or indication of the album release date since then.

However the tweet was deleted hours later after it got only 2000 of the required 100,000 retweets, and Ora now claims she was ‘hacked’.

Which, as we all know, means “Let’s pretend I never said anything, OK?”

‘Luckily’. Hmm. HMM.

via Jezebel

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