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What Is Your Road Frontage?

Get in here now young ‘un and take this important quiz to see if we’ll ever get you married off.

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1. Would you have many people after you looking for the shift on a night out?
Ah, yeah, would have a few offers now
It would be a rare enough night I'd be shifting

I basically have a queue of people after me in the local
Absolutely nothing going on for me in the pubs around here
2. Pick a nice road you'd like to live on one day...
3. Planning permission is an absolute nightmare, isn't it?
Aye, 'tis
Not for me and my family, no
4. Select a mode of transport you would like to use on a daily basis...
5. Which of these is your favourite pup?
6. Have you discussed land that is for sale locally with somebody in the last year?
I certainly have not
Well, yes I have actually
7. You've done all your gallivanting and are now looking to settle down with your partner, pick your dream house...
8. Have you ever heard the term 'double road frontage' before?
Of course I have
What are you on about?
9. And finally, if you came into a little bit of land, you would plan to...
Enjoy the scenery and relax
Build on it

Farm it
Photocall Ireland
Sell it
Answer all the questions to see your result!
Photocall Ireland
You scored out of !
You have a savage amount of road frontage!
Ah sure listen - you know you have the best land in the town and everyone else does too. Part of your land even has the fabled double road frontage - and your marriage prospects are all the better for it.
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You scored out of !
You have a fair bit of road frontage, 'tis true!
You're one of the more eligible young folks around the town, and some of that is down to that bit of land you have with the road frontage. Embrace it, go with it, t'will be your saviour.
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You scored out of !
You have a quare lack of road frontage
You might very well have land, but without access to th'road it's of no good use. You're only young so you have a fair bit to go yet, but for now away out of here with you.
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You scored out of !
You have a shameful amount of road frontage
It's a thundering disgrace how little road frontage you have. Sure you barely have any land to speak of, never mind access. Away with you, and come back to me when you've sorted it out.
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