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This guy's Robin Williams impressions are sensational (and make us sad)

We can’t get enough of this guy.

LET’S FACE IT, celebrity impersonators are everywhere on the internet – but when one comes along that is this good, everyone notices.

Jamie Costa’s Vine channel is full of him doing impressions of various characters and celebrities – but it’s his takeoff of legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams that is bringing him worldwide attention of late.

Here he is doing Williams’ character from Jumanji and absolutely nailing it

Source: Jamie Costa/Vine

And his Mrs Doubtfire character is spot on

Source: Jamie Costa/Vine

Source: Jamie Costa/Vine

As Peter Pan in Hook – his physical likeness to the late actor makes the impressions even more accurate

Source: Jamie Costa/Vine

And here he is as homeless character Parry from The Fisher King – he’s even nailed the beard #commitment

Source: Jamie Costa/Vine

And they just keep getting better and better

Source: Jamie Costa/Vine


You can find many, many more of his wonderful impressions on his Vine channel, where he does more than just Robin Williams – here’s his best Matthew McConaughey


Keep doing what you’re doing, Jamie.

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