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11 reasons Rollercoaster Tycoon was the greatest PC game of our youth

We were cruel people.

IF YOU HAD a computer in the nineties, it was pretty much vital that you owned Rollercoaster Tycoon.

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The Hasbro game involved making an amusement park and attempting to keep your guests as happy as possible while bringing in some cash

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Your excitement level was ALL that mattered

PastedImage-80477 Source: rctsaga

You were well versed in picking up pukes and your guests’ trash

PastedImage-84427 Source: audiobully

You could see their thoughts

PwiSNKV Source: Imgur fingertheblowhole

But it was just intensely fun

fNIdfnE Source: Imgur

The cafes and stalls were shaped like the items they sold!


It sometimes brought out the worst in us

YSobWwf Source: Imgur


Yes sir, please take a seat on this clearly incomplete ride.

Oh, it’s started raining? Better up the price of umbrellas to $40.

Only the true sadists had the exit fall into a pool of water

PastedImage-65828 Source: badmilkchef.xyz

Or into THE PIT


Basically, it was a travesty


They were little pricks, in fairness

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