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Last night's Room to Improve made the entire nation insanely jealous

The couple were LOVELY and the house turned out perfect. It was shocking.

SUNDAY NIGHTS WOULD not be the same without RTÉ’s Room to Improve – and last night’s show was up there with the best of the series.

Starting out with one of the worst properties you are likely to see, superhero architect Dermot Bannon had quite the job on his hands.

Meet the couple – Paul and Sabina Horgan – who were looking to renovate their recently purchased house by the sea in Portmarnock

improve1 Source: RTÉ

Problem was, the house was in some state

improve2 Source: RTÉ

When Dermot arrived, he was on the verge of tearing the whole place down and starting again

improve3 Source: RTÉ

Just look at the interiors (which included a collection of delightful mushrooms growing in the corner). Still, they decided to proceed on with the major job at hand

improve4 Source: RTÉ

The installation of an Indonesian table had many diagnosing a severe case of notions on the couple

And many thought there was a resemblance between Dermot and Sabina

improve5 Source: RTÉ

Hmmmm, maybe

improve6 Source: RTÉ

Talk quickly turned to the couple’s daughter Mia – the real reason behind the move – and her unique headbands

baby12 Source: RTÉ

The real star turn came from the builder though

builder1 Source: RTÉ

The cost of the house in total once complete was over the half million mark, which was a talking point

But in general, everyone seemed to judge Paul and Sabina to be one of the loveliest couples the show has ever seen

How are you supposed to enjoy Room to Improve when everyone is so damn nice? Where’s the edge?

And the house turned out gloriously – which made everyone just a little bit jealous

Which, given how it started out, was quite the achievement by all involved

And Dermot seemed very happy for the couple

Another week down, another very successful renovation. What next?

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