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# blindboy
Blindboy demonstrated how he prepares his plastic bags for gigs ahead of Electric Picnic
Looks like your Halloween costume is sorted.
# Together for yurt
The Rubberbandits inspired the creation of these hilarious county-specific banners for 'Together For Yes'
How does your county say ‘yes’?
# blindboy
Blindboy told Tommy Tiernan the very good reason behind him wearing a plastic bag on his show last night
Blindboy for the Áras.
# blindboy
There's a deadly new mural of Blindboy from the Rubberbandits after popping up in Dublin
He had a great story to go along with its location too.
# Mental Health
The Rubberbandits are winning praise for their powerful new song about suicide
Sonny is a tough but vital watch.
# sound lads
Rubberbandits are encouraging fans going to their Vicar Street gig to attend the March For Choice
G’wan the lads.
# blindboy boatclub
BAI rejects complaints over Rubberbandit calling communion 'haunted bread' on the Late Late Show
In all, 11 complaints were received after Blindboy Boatclub’s appearance on the RTÉ show.
# embrace vulnerability
The Rubberbandits' response to International Women's Day has really resonated on Facebook
“So many lads on twitter yesterday saying “What about international Mens day?”"
# f**k yer honda civic
This lad from Derry expertly serenaded the people of Budapest with a blast of Horse Outside
While wearing a horse mask for maximum effect, of course.
# The lads
17 times the Rubberbandits were just really f**king funny
# factcheck
FactCheck: Has the government actually cut the mental health budget by €20 million?
FactCheck looks into a major claim that took hold online over the weekend.
# New Kids on the Block
Red Rock roars to the top of the 2016 IFTA TV Awards
Nominations for this year’s awards show were announced today.
# arse biscuit
The Rubberbandits' slang got translated by an ITV lawyer, and the results are hilarious
“Slang for female genitalia.”
# irish slang
Tyra Banks unintentionally said 'gowl' on TV and it's gold
What a time to be alive.
# pieta
A Galway gal just came up with the perfect solution to creepy lads in clubs
Will also work on creeps of any gender, FYI.
# joke thief
The Rubberbandits tore into The Lad Bible for stealing one of their jokes
Don’t mess with Limerick’s finest.
# Rubberbandits
The RTÉ Guide has made an absolute hames of the Rubberbandits' 1916 documentary
Oh… dear.
# Rubberbandits
The RTÉ Guide has made an absolute hames of the Rubberbandits' 1916 documentary
Oh… dear.
# gas c**tism
Blindboy from Rubberbandits just posted the most epic graduation photo
That’s DOCTOR Blindboy to you. (Soon.)
A giant granny, the Rubberbandits and Dr Paulie: Here's why Limerick is the best
Limerick was the City of Culture last year, and they say they can do it all again.
# f**k your honda civic
How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To Horse Outside?
It’s been five years since The Rubberbandits unleashed this instant classic.
# sarsfields gannet
Rubberbandits tricked Anton Savage* into believing this disgusting dessert was a real thing
(* Well maybe.)
# Grab the popcorn
Rubberbandits do 1916 and Louise McSharry's 'F**k Cancer' - RTÉ2 unveils new season
What are you looking forward to watching?
# yokegate
The Rubberbandits called Newstalk live after 'taking legal yips'
That’s what Blindboy Boatclub says, anyway.
# Rubberbandits
The Rubberbandits called Newstalk live after taking 'legal ecstasy'...
The Limerick duo’s Blindboy Boatclub told Twitter that he planned to do the interview while under the influence.
# yokes live
The Rubberbandits say they'll be on ecstasy while talking to Tom Dunne tonight...
This could be interesting.
# fight your father
Noel Gallagher says he wants the Rubberbandits as his backing band
This must happen.
# fellas
The Rubberbandits are back with a brilliant anti-homophobia song
And it features a Gabriel Byrne puppet.
# limsick
9 things people from Limerick are sick of hearing
A boy the kid!
# life in plastic
Man robs shop while wearing a plastic bag on his head
Rubberbandits tribute act?
# protestant radio
Rubberbandits invited to sing their songs on BBC Radio One
I wanna fight your father.
# dad's best friend
The Rubberbandits' new video is here
And it’s hilarious and terrifying in equal measure.
# Rubberneckers
Bad news: Rubberbandits turned down the Limerick City of Culture job*
*OK, not really. But they were too busy to take it anyway.
# Limerick
6 times Rubberbandits truly represented Limerick as City of Culture
Limerick’s greatest cultural export?
# banditzone
The Rubberbandits' latest song offers some advice to Boyzone
They’ve got nothing to lose, apparently.
# Trouble
WATCH: The Rubberbandits talk about Halloween
The Limerick lads tell you all about the Halloweens of their childhood.
# Happiness
21 reasons to be happy here in Ireland
It’s been a tough week, but we’re still happy. Here’s why.
# unmasked
Rubberbandits reveal themselves!
Rubberbandits, sans plastic bags.
# Rubberbandits
How the Rubberbandits deal with offensive YouTube comments
Clue: In the best possible way.
# liar liar danny dyer
Rubberbandits set to hit Channel 4... here's a taster
That Danny Dyer is SUCH a liar…