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The Rubberbandits tore into The Lad Bible for stealing one of their jokes

Don’t mess with Limerick’s finest.

IF YOU WERE on the internet yesterday, you probably spotted The Rubberbandits’ spot-on assessment of Justin Bieber’s Grammys outfit.

The joke was shared on Facebook early Tuesday morning, where it received over 48,000 likes and 3,000 shares.

Yesterday afternoon, The Lad Bible posted the following joke on Twitter.

Hmm, where have we heard that one before?

Yes, it’s essentially The Rubberbandits’ joke slightly altered for a British audience.

As you might expect The Rubberbandits were not one bit happy and called the website out for stealing their joke.

Later on, the comedy duo unearthed yet another joke thief, although they were commended for at least slightly altering the joke.

Last night, Blindboy Boatclub, one half of Rubber Bandits, appeared on 2fm’s Chris and Ciara to discuss the incident and described The Lad Bible’s behaviour as unethical.

I appreciate people will make jokes. That’s grand. But the thing about the joke I made and the reason it was so popular is that it is so specifically Irish. It’s very, very, very Irish. It’s a rural Irish nightclub thing. That’s why it clicked with everybody. But the Lad Bible went and translated it into Tan language.
It’s not ethical internet robbery.

When asked if he would consider sending an invoice to The Lad Bible, he replied, “I couldn’t be arsed, to be honest.”

So far, The Lad Bible has yet to remove the plagiarised joke, but they did throw The Rubberbandits a bone last night.

Basically the biggest “Sorry not sorry” ever.

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