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The best bits of Russell Brand's Newsnight interview
It’s the battle of the beards.

RUSSELL BRAND WAS interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight yesterday. The comedian was quick to reveal that he has never voted, is sick of the current political system and that he hasn’t got a “flicker of doubt” that there is going to be a revolution.

It’s the most passive-aggressive interview you’ll witness in a while.

Here are a few highlights:

1. The Beard

While Paxman is against Brand from the get-go, he does eventually say that he agrees with some points he’s been making. Brand uses it as an opportunity to bring up the beard:

Then why do I feel so cross with you? It can’t be because of that beard. It’s gorgeous, grow it longer, tangle it into your armpit hair.


2. The leg touch

Brand tries to calm down his interviewer with a nice pat on the knee, but Paxo isn’t having a bit of it.


Ah now, there’s a smile.


3. Paxman gets fiesty

When Russell says he has never voted, Paxman is all over him, even POINTING.


If you can’t be arsed to vote, why should we be arsed to listen to your political point of view?

But why doesn’t Brand vote? Apathy. Well, Brand says he was too “busy being a drug addict” at 18 to vote, but after that, all apathy.

4. Brand’s not being taken seriously

Jeremy quickly tires of Brand’s ‘big ideas’ and lets him know that it’s hard to take him seriously without some solid ways to initiate change.

He’s clearly elsewhere.


5. Do you want a revolution, OH, OH?

Yeah, there’s going to be a revolution. It’s totally going to happen. I ain’t got a flicker of doubt, this is the end. It’s time to wake up.


“This is the end.”

theend Playstation Playstation

Watch the full interview/rant here. Note Brand’s animated gesturing that never ends.

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