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# Revolution
10 people who absolutely agreed with Russell Brand's Newsnight rant
The comedian didn’t go down well with many, but he has some fans.

RUSSELL BRAND APPEARED on Newsnight last night to discuss his new book Revolution, a manifesto for a new Britain that hopes to empower the people rather than the politicians.

In a discussion with presenter Evan Davis he was criticised by many online for his shouty argument style and constant interrupting. He also bashed capitalism, the media, and claimed that there must be more to 9/11 than we’ve been told.

Oh er.

But some people thought he owned it.

1. He showed up Davis

2. Was SPOT ON

3. He used his voice

4. He gets their votes

5. You just don’t understand

6. He just gets better

7. And makes us want to be better

8. It’s just banter, mate

9. Snob

10. You can’t handle the truth

Here’s the interview, what side are you on?

BBC Newsnight / YouTube