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7 of the best moments from Russell Crowe's bizarre Late Late appearance

He pretty much took over the show.

RUSSELL CROWE IS in town for the Jameson Dublin Film Festival to promote his new movie, The Water Diviner. Of course, he stopped by the Late Late for a chat with Tubridy, but we got SO much more than we bargained for.

1. He swore straight off

Crowe was up straight after actor Ryan O’Neal, who spoke in depth about his family issues, calling his daughter ‘the devil’.

It didn’t go down well with Crowe.


I’m a bit uncomfortable. Let’s not discuss it any further but how f*cked up was that?

* polite applause*

2. His lovely words about the late Richard Harris

Crowe starred alongside the Irish actor in Gladiator, and had some fond words to remember him by.


I think of a grand old spirit and a wonderfully warm man, he made a decision he was going to be my friend.A lot of people remember him for his drinking and his hell raising but when he realised it was getting out of control he didn’t drink for 11 years.

3. He hijacked the band stage

Right after claiming the Fields of Athenry was Australian, he jumped up to the band balcony and took it OVER. It took him a while though, Cue Tubs filling the awkward silence with some off-the-cuff jokes. Tell us again how it wasn’t planned.


4. He fixed the ‘midget’s mic’

* Hides behind sofa*


5. He scolded the audience for clapping out of time, and Ireland rejoyced at this gift


Look at them, pure stung.


6. His performance of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues

Source: The Late Late Show/YouTube

The reviews are in, folks.

7. He popped into Kealy’s after for a pint, obviously

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