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How much of a ride is Ryan Gosling, really?

We’ve carried out some highly scientific investigations.

IT’S RYAN GOSLING’S birthday, aka a day to praise the Gods and his mother for bringing him into the world.

Gosling is a noted ride, and on this day of days we’ve decided to examine how much of a ride he really is.

We’ve chosen several methods by which to measure his rideyness, and allocated an arbitrary number of ride points for each one.

Let’s start with the obvious yardstick…

His looks

Looking good here

And here 

Source: Empics Entertainment

And here too

Source: AP/Press Association Images

Ride points: 78

How he holds up against other rides

Here he is holding his own beside other noted ride Bradley Cooper:

Source: Imgur

And again, with George Clooney

Source: Matt Sayles

And again with Michael Fassbender 

Source: Imgur

And again

Source: Imgur

Ride points: 102

How beautiful he is on the inside

He’s a cookie angel








ry9 Source: imgur

He selflessly helps others to look good:

Source: AP/Press Association Images

Here he is wearing a Darfur tshirt in 2005

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Ride points: 72

His lady loves

Eva Mendes

Source: The Canadian Press/Press Association Images

Rachel McAdams

Source: Favim

Source: MTV

Sandra Bullock

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

A blow up doll

Source: Tumblr

Ride points: 94

His ability to be ridey in ridiculous situations

Situation number one:

Someone made a series of vines of Ryan Gosling refusing to eat cereal. Now that’s pretty ridiculous. However, he still looks good.

Source: Zombie Musical

Situation number two:

This jumper is ridiculous. He’s pulling it off though.

Source: AP/Press Association Images

Situation number three: 

Wearing a onesie. Yep, working it.

Source: Imgur

Ride points: 126 (mostly for the onesie)

Internet power

He has his own meme

Source: Inspiredbythis

Source: Baconwrappedmedia


Source: Travelettes

And then there’s this tumblr

Source: tumblr

And this one 

fem Source: Tumblr

Ride points: 85

So, with a total of 557, we can conclusively reveal that Ryan Gosling is in fact, a ride.

Source: Imgur

Happy birthday sir.

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