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Ryan O'Shaughnessy and Melanie McCabe are making sweet music together... it's The Dredge

Fassbender is lonely and Anna Faris got stoned… all that and the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt.

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Irish reality rejects Ryan O’Shaughnessy and Melanie McCabe are working on new music together. Ryan tweeted yesterday that he was fresh from a studio sesh with serial X Factor contestant and Dubliner, Melanie.

The Britain’s Got Talent finalist clearly thought they’d have a lot in common, and snapped a quick selfie to commemorate their trip to the studio (which looks suspiciously like a living room).


ryan Source: Twitter/RyanAcoustic

We’re guessing it’ll be called ‘Fight the Rain’, or else the weather yesterday was really getting to them?

The collab comes after Ryan previously tweeted Melanie when she was kicked off the X Factor after failing to be selected as one of Nicole Scherzinger’s finalists.



It’s a Eurovision entry waiting to happen, really. Just don’t accuse Ryan of creeping.


Michael Fassbender is afraid that women only want him for his looks, fame, money and personality. Speaking to GQ magazine, the Irish actor revealed that he’s looking to settle down but is worried about women’s intentions.

2013 Toronto International Film Festival - 12 Years A Slave Premiere Source: Chris Pizzello/AP/Press Association Images

The actor wasn’t always so popular, and things seemed to change in direct correlation to him becoming rich and famous…!

I make a lot more friends, you know what I mean? You become a lot more successful in terms of, like, talking to a girl. She’s all of a sudden more interested in me. I know that, like, three years ago, she would’ve walked away after two sentences left my mouth.


I remember I was sitting at this table and I was talking to this girl. I was like, ‘God, I am so boring right now.’ But she was like, ‘That’s so interesting!’ I was like, ‘You know what? Five years ago, this would not have been interesting.’

The 36-year-old also admitted that he’s still looking for that someone special, and is lousy at maintaining long term relationships.


tumblr_m35rn3pTeO1r011tlo3_500 Source: Tumblr/gifhunterress

Anna Faris used to get stoned while working at an old folks home. The House Bunny actress admitted on The Late Show with David Letterman last night that she used to smoke on the job while working as a waitress in a retirement home in Seattle.


I was helping a table of four German women, taking down what they wanted, I had just scribbled. Meanwhile, I’m stoned. This is a very panicky situation, I’m sweating, there’s no way I’m going back out there.

When asked what would happen if they didn’t get a meal?

Run away, that was always my instinct.


And the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Katy Perry and Kate Hudson have game nights together. (E! Online)
  • The youngest Kardashians, Kendall and Kylie were out clubbing last night, despite being 16 and 17. Bold. (TMZ)
  • Nadine Coyle is getting her own reality show. (Telly Mix)
  • Ashton Kutcher is the highest paid TV actor, earning $23 million last year. (USA Today)
  • Lindsay Lohan got a new tattoo that’s like so meaningful. (Buzzfeed)

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