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Saoirse Ronan celebrated her Golden Globe nomination in this Dublin nail salon

The actress was getting her nails done in Tropical Popical when she got the good news.

EARLIER TODAY, SAOIRSE Ronan landed a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in Brooklyn.

And guess where she was when she got word that she had been nominated? In Dublin nail salon Tropical Popical, no less.

This afternoon, the salon tweeted that Ronan received the good news while in the salon.

Later, they posted a photograph of Ronan celebrating her nomination with some bubbles.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ronan explained that she kept getting phone calls from her publicist in the middle of her manicure. (Don’t you hate when that happens?)

So I answered: ‘I can’t talk to you right now! I’m getting my nails done!’ Then, my publicist was like, ‘Well, you just got nominated for a Globe, so you have to talk to us!’ I kind of squealed.

Ronan said that “everyone cheered” when she got off the phone and spoke of the “incredible amount of sincere support from everyone in Ireland”.

She even gave a little shout out to Tropical Popical in the piece.

I’m in Dublin. Tropical Popical is the nail salon I go to. Painted palm trees on the wall, and pink flamingos everywhere. It’s quite a way to find out you’ve been nominated. And I’ve gotten gold painted on my nails. I’ve got golden nails right now.


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