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Here's why this Sarah Silverman ad has people up in arms

Many think it was sexist towards men.

AS EVERYBODY KNOWS, the ads are part of the allure of the Super Bowl.

Last night was no exception with ads dominating much of the social media conversation. One ad that caught people’s attention was this spot for T-Mobile starring comedians Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman.

The ad features both comedians one-upping each other over who has the best reception.

Source: TMobile/YouTube

At one point in the ad, Sarah Silverman hands a newborn baby to a couple and says, “Sorry, it’s a boy.”

The seemingly throwaway gag has ignited controversy on Twitter with many describing it as sexist or “misandrist”. (The term “misandry” refers to the hatred of men.)

People thought that the ad was detrimental to boys’ self-esteem.

While others viewed it as hypocritical.

Some even threatened to cancel their accounts with T-Mobile.

On the flipside, many defended the ad, citing the numerous ads featuring women that could be perceived as being sexist.

And many others have pointed out that people could also just be misinterpreting the line.

Oh internet.

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