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The sausage roll bap divides Ireland - so we put it to the test

Now *this* is innovation.

sausage3 Source: forked

YOU KNOW THAT sausage rolls are a standard delicacy in many shops across this country – and a culinary institution at this stage.

But have you ever heard of anyone putting them in a bap? Well, that’s exactly what some people in parts of the country do, so we investigated.

First, sausage rolls in a bap seem to be very popular in Derry

And Doherty’s Bakery in the city seems to be the place to get them

sausagr Source: Facebook

But they’ve also popped up in this Belfast cafe

From further searches around the internet, it would seem that the humble sausage roll bap is popular in Scotland as well.

But, Derry seems to be its spiritual home

But what does this creation taste like?

So, with our curiosity piqued, we decided that this unique delicacy must be sampled.

We purchased the simple ingredients needed to make one – one jumbo sausage roll and a medium sized bap – and the final product looked like this:

image (7)

Gathering up a round table of willing and enthusiastic volunteers from TheJournal.ie and DailyEdge.ie staff, we taste tested it – so you don’t have to – and the feedback was surprisingly good:

It would definitely be good for both for a hangover and for a 4am snack.
I thought it would be drier, but it’s not as bad as I thought.
Somebody who is a big fan of sauces could enjoy the sausage roll bap a lot.

sausageroll1 Source: Twitter

The combination of bread and pastry intrigued many:

The mixture of the bread and the pastry is interesting. I don’t know what to make of it.
I can’t taste the pastry – the sausage takes over.

The key finding, though, might be that sauce is a must with the sausage roll bap:

I definitely think a sauce is necessary, found it hard to even swallow.

image (6)

This one potential benefit from the sausage roll bap could be a game changer though:

One bonus: sausage rolls usually shed a lot of pastry, but the bread acted as a barrier, so I remained flake-free.

The round table verdict – despite some mild negativity to the concept – could simply be summed up with this quote:

I came in with moderately high expectations and they were met.

Could sausage rolls in baps take off all over Ireland? Have you ever tried one? It’s an, eh, easy recipe that you can make yourself – so you can now. If you dare.

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