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8 signs that you're still not ready to let summer go

We’re WELL into autumn now.

NEVER LEAVE US summer. Yes, we’ve been slowly adapting to the August autumn but seriously, until the 1st of September hit you like a bus, you were still living in the long stretch bliss.

1. You’ve said ‘I can’t believe it’s September already’ about 15 times today

You can’t believe it, we can’t believe it.

You’ve also made this joke at some stage.


2. You’re still at Electric Picnic

The last big festival of the season, never let us go. We’re pretty sure you’ll be removed from the premises shortly.



3. The dark evenings are approaching with dread

The grand stretch is truly coming to an end and you just can’t cope. You’re already starting to go into hibernation mode, and are set to jump into bed as soon as it goes gloomy at 8.30pm.

What happened to sitting out in the bright until 11? Time is the enemy.


4. You point blank refuse to turn on the heating

If you do make the call to put it on briefly to ‘take the edge off’ you may as well just murder someone* now because you’ll never be able to feel guiltier than you do in this moment.

Instead, just silently freeze while waiting for someone else to make the glorious call. Mmmm, smell that burning dust.


* don’t murder someone, guys.

5. You’ve been caught without a jacket on more than one occasion

Although it goes against all rules of Irish weather, wearing a heavy coat out just seems wrong so soon after summer. It’s reasonable when you’re leaving for work, but heading home it’s just a few degrees off the Antarctic.

Do it. Unleash the winter clothes box from the top of the wardrobe, and put away the shorts you got two wears out of.

summer storage box Source: Achieving creative order

6. Anything school-related puts you in a fit of rage

The traffic. The ads. The constant stream of Facebook photos. Bring back the smug holiday photos and weather screenshots. ANYTHING. This is too much.

First Day of School. Little Kyra Duncan Source: Mark Stedman Photocall Ireland

7. You mistake the Christmas stuff in shops as being from the one just gone

You’re browsing Tesco and spot this.

screencap-17-3 Source: Sharon Laffan Magennis

You’re shopping in Brown Thomas and come across this.

They’re from last Christmas, yeah? The one that happened like 2 months ago? OK. Grand.

8. You feel guilty about staying in on the weekends to watch telly

Autumn schedules ARE pretty great, and the Late Late is back to keep you with something to moan about. Next thing you know it’ll be the toy show again and the X Factor will take us up to Christmas.

It’s all just too much too soon.

shutterstock_89873407 Source: Shutterstock

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