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Christian Eriksen says Ireland were 'too scared' against Denmark
The Tottenham star was left unimpressed by the visitors’ performance in Aarhus.
# mysterious and spooky
How Much Of A Scaredy Cat Are You?
BOO. *screams*
# Scary
18 struggles you'll only appreciate if you scare way too easily
BOO! *jumps*
# broo scared ya
Just 17 people and animals getting awful bad frights
It shouldn’t be so funny, but it is.
# scare house
15 photos of Irish people having the shite scared out of them at Nightmare Realm
“Let’s huddle here ’til morning, be grand”
# Concern
I'm scared for my life, says 2013 Wimbledon champion Bartoli
The tennis star told a British daytime television show that her virus is so rare that medical experts have no name for it.
# fear
Martial on why he was 'scared' ahead of his Man United move
The 20-year-old admits he was apprehensive before his switch to Old Trafford.
# roooooarr
A man successfully scared the shite out of his co-worker with a bear costume
Make him Employee of the Month.
# costume party
14 Halloween heroes in Irish offices today
They went above and beyond.
This news reporter got the sh**e scared out of her on live TV
Creeping around in the back of the shot = NOT COOL.
# Court
Couple sued for selling house without telling new owners it came with a stalker called 'The Watcher'
The family have fled the house and want their money back.
# hey dad
This guy videos himself scaring his poor dad, and it's absolutely priceless
“OH! YOU b*****d.”
# bear with me
A man had a run-in with a bear... but it didn't end like you'd think
BOO! Scared ya.
# life goals
Walter the giant Irish wolfhound conquers his fear of two tiny steps
# spooked
Your pets hate Halloween - here's how to make them feel better
It can be a very stressful and potentially dangerous time for your pets.
# Jean McConville
Michael McConville says the IRA will kill him if he names those involved in his mother's murder
He said he recognised some of the people who took his mother away in 1972 and still passes them on the street.
This girl is absolutely terrified by a goat's sneeze
The poor goat’s all like: “What’d I do?”
# Me Nerves
7 moments in life which make you inexplicably nervous
We’re meant to be adults for pity’s sake!
# Feelings
Frightened dog found treading water two miles off the coast of Florida
No one knows how long the dog had been out there for.
# scaredy cats
WATCH: Easily scared Ellen staffers go through Haunted House
… with hilarious results.
# scaredy dog
Scared dog needs his hand held when he's in the car
He just needs a little comfort, ok?
# i'm not sleepy
Adorable kid scared by camera is really not sleepy
We mean, REALLY, not sleepy.
Column: In order to protect the vulnerable, Ireland needs a domestic violence register
Domestic violence affects women, men, children and our elderly. Victims and their families should have the right to learn about the background of an abusive partner before it’s too late, writes Rita Harling.
# the fear
Fear or phobia: The science of being afraid
The only thing to fear is fear itself – except that sometimes it can seem like other things are a lot scarier…
# Video
James Gandolfini talks about feeling scared on Sesame Street
This will melt your heart. RIP.
Column: When the economy’s struggling, horror movies do well
Scary movies succeed in a recession – because they reflect what is scaring us now, writes Darren Mooney.