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7 moments in life which make you inexplicably nervous

We’re meant to be adults for pity’s sake!

WHEN YOU’RE A kid, adults look so brave and powerful.

They can do whatever they want, and manage to go around the place bossing people around and asking people for things left, right and centre.

However, when you reach adulthood, you realise that things are not as they seemed.  In fact, there are still lots of things you’re scared of, and only some of them make sense.

Here are seven moments in life which make you inexplicably nervous.

Any time you speak to a Garda

1011032_10152035934753001_1135449852_n Source: Facebook

They are humans.  You are human.  You don’t break laws.  Why are you nervous?

Going through passport control

Newly Designed Irish Passport. Picture Source: samboal

Chances are you’re an authentic Irish person with an authentic Irish passport, and yet, the nerves arrive.

See also: Walking through customs, going through security.

Making an innocuous phone call

shutterstock_100039427 Source: Shutterstock

This may not be one that everyone struggles with, but occasionally making a phone call becomes a nervous ordeal.

We’re not talking about phone calls where you’re getting big news, or have to ask a difficult question either. No, we’re talking about making a doctor’s appointment or ordering a takeaway.  What are those nerves about.

Buying condoms

Condoms! Why is this guy happy? Because he just avoided the nervous condom exchange. Source: AZAdam

You’re an adult, clearly demonstrating good decision making and a strong sense of responsibility but you feel like a terrified teenager.

Running into an old teacher

'Trash Talk Champion Of The World' - Las Vegas Source: AJM

Somehow, this scenario has a magical ability to make you suddenly feel like you’re 14 and you’ve forgotten to do your homework, when the truth is you’re a grown-up just like them.

Say that a few times.  ’I'm a grown-up, just like them…I’m a grown-up just like them… I’m a grown-up just like them…’

Buying makeup from a fancy counter

Bobbi Brown Makeup Counter Source: ShnapThat!

You’re about to pay them good money for something that, frankly, is worth a lot less than the price – really, they should be nervous.

They’re not, though.  You are.  What’s that about?

Asking the pharmacist for Solpadeine

1111_2_inside-wincanton-pharmacy Just do it. Just ask her for some Solpadeine. Source: Wincanton Window

You know that you’re not doing anything wrong, and that you’re not planning on doing anything untoward with the tablets, and yet you feel super nervous.

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