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17 of the quickest reactions to the news that Sean Spicer has resigned

Goodbye and thanks for the memes.

Trump Source: Alex Brandon/PA Wire

SEAN SPICER – WHITE House Press Secretary and coiner of the quintessential 2017 term in “alternative facts” – has quit his job in the Trump administration this evening.

It’s come as quite a shock – but the situation has already produced so much comedy gold.

Fitting, really, given his tenure:

1. There was live footage of him leaving the building

redtrac Source: Twitter

Bound to be a joke made after you hide in the bushes.

2. And his meme history came back to haunt him

3. We all know who’s hurting the most right now

4. He’ll keep himself busy though

5. Now we can have a look back at his finest moments in the job

spicer Source: @broderick Twitter

6. Who knows what the evening holds

7. Or the future for that matter

warmup Source: @Amish_Drive_By

The press secretary that this White House deserves.

8. Why did he wait exactly one day over six months? Well…

9. The future looks bright

10. There were proper burns thrown out when the news came through

11. And nostalgia for his alternative facts

12. Everyone wants just one thing out of this debacle

13. He’s been hailed by The Onion as a “valiant hero in the war against journalism”

14. Given all that has gone down, was it worth just six months?

15. Fellow comedians are waving goodbye to the master

16. He had a way with figures

17. And this song sums it all up pretty well

What next? Who knows.

But we’ll all be reading the book when it comes out – and it’ll probably sell 7.2 billion copies, according to the man himself.

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