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This guy built a secret tunnel through Toronto because he wanted somewhere to watch TV

So much effort turned into so much controversy.

OF ALL THE reasons to start up a massive, secret construction project, having a man cave where you can watch TV and barbecue has to be low down the list.

But this guy has done just that – and it has blown up into quite the controversy in Canada this week.

Over in Toronto, there had been much speculation about the purpose of this mystery tunnel found underneath a park

police1 Source: Toronto Police Service

Some thought it was a base for criminal activity, as it was hidden to the eye and had this ladder for people to climb in

police2 Source: Toronto Police Service

But, as the Toronto Sun has revealed, Elton McDonald was the man behind the tunnel – and he did it as a labour of love so he would have a place to watch TV and barbecue

elton1 Source: Facebook

Clarifying that he meant no harm with the secret lair, McDonald went on to explain:

It wasn’t really a tunnel. I was going to expand it to have a couple of rooms… I was hoping to put in a TV. I did some barbecuing there. It was more a place to hang out.

Well, mystery solved.

Of course, the fact that he did all this for personal reasons was too much for many to deal with – and the event will be forever known as the #torontotunnel

And, really, we all have to give the guy some kudos for putting in such an effort so he could have a hangout area :(

Keep up the projects, Elton.

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