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Someone just made it possible to send your enemies a bag of d*cks

Don’t worry though, they are edible gummy d*cks.

THE CURRENT TREND of shipping your enemies unfortunate things has just been taken to a new level.

That’s right – you can now ship a 6 oz bag of dicks to somebody you don’t particularly care for.

The only thing that makes that OK is that they are gummy penises. Look at them there

gummydicks Source: dicksbymail.com

The company – simply titled dicksbymail.com - has one simple mission in life, and that is to get your enemy to “eat a bag of dicks”.

With their slogan reading “Send a Message. Send Dicks” they clearly mean business. From the website:

Dicks by Mail is the easy way to send that feeling to anyone in your life that deserves that feeling of sadness, disappointment and betrayal. In only a few minutes you can send a literal Bag of Dicks to that special asshole in your life.

The logo is delightfully simple as well

dicks1 Source: dicksbymail.com

One slight hitch with the website is that it doesn’t ship to Europe right now – it’s just Canada and the US.

So, if you want this to be a reality in the near future in Ireland, you’ll have to get down the local sweet shop and get carving. But that probably won’t work out well for anyone.

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