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Here are the greatest unimpressed reactions to Kasabian at the BAFTAs

Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Natalie Dormer, and a lot of people on Twitter.

KASABIAN OPENED the BAFTAs ceremony in London last night.

Here’s what Serge Pizzorno picked from his wardrobe for the occasion:

Source: Dominic Lipinski

Yes, he’s wearing a tail. An actual tail.

(this photo is from another event, but it's the best shot we could find of his arse-tail) Source: PA

Twitter was not so impressed with his look.

There was a welter of immediate mockery.

There was concern.

There was contempt.

There was dismissal.

There were big questions

And there were people comparing him to “a dirty cotton bud.”

But really, what clinched the deal was all the celebrities’ reactions to Serge and the lads on stage.

Julianne Moore wearing a polite mask-smile while the guy two seats down doesn’t even bother pretending:

Benedict Cumberbatch staring on in bafflement while the camera zooms in on Mark Strong trying to win the BAFTA for World’s Most Unimpressed Guy:

Natalie Dormer giving it a full-on facial ‘WTF’.

And Cuba Gooding Jr visibly re-examining his decision to attend.

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