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13 television reporters that are definitely having a worse day than you

Your work day was NOT this bad.

HAVING A BAD day? Cheer up! It’s Friday tomorrow, and at least you aren’t as unfortunate as this lot.

1. At least you know the difference between being gay and being blind

Gerald Urmanita / YouTube

2. You probably didn’t get attacked by a cat during the daily grind

… while reporting on cat abuse. Oh cruel irony.


rmcculloch / YouTube

3. Or whacked with the bag of an angry onlooker


xxfunnyxx / YouTube

4. At least you weren’t sent to a vineyard…

It’s the little dance and harsh panning of the camera that we can’t cope with.


bonnielee / YouTube

5. Or rocked by the camera on TV3

Like you’re doing a sassy MM HMM.


Mark Linehan / YouTube

6. You won’t get videobombed by a unicorn tomorrow

Well, maybe you will, you NEVER KNOW.


NewsAndFacts / YouTube

7. Will you get caught RAPID faking deep floods in front of hundreds of thousands of people?

No, thanks be to everything.


profwaggstaff / YouTube

8. At least you didn’t have to attempt to drive one of these


il2ep / YouTube

9. And we’re sure your first day wasn’t this bad

Bad language and mortification ahoy.

Original1001BG / YouTube

10. Your efforts at the worst ollie EVER wasn’t televised for all to see


newsbloops / YouTube

11. At least you won’t wake up tomorrow, go to work and be faced with a snake

OK, at least not the reptile variety.


GillAshl / YouTube

12. REMINDER: Getting pelted with snowballs not an occupational hazard

NEWS@123 / YouTube

13. And of course, your risk of falling overboard is pretty slim

Unless you happen to work on a boat, of course.


Martje / YouTube

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