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19 things that would happen if Sex and the City was set in Dublin

“Carrie Bradshaw knows a good ride* (and isn’t afraid to ask.)”

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1. Carrie would have a weekly sex column with The Herald.

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2. Miranda would be mad into Dublin GAA and insist on bringing the girls to an All-Ireland semi-final. (Where Carrie would inevitably score a centre forward.)

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3. Samantha would have dated Jamie Dornan once upon a time and helped launch his career.

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4. Trey’s Mam would still be doing his washing and sending him off with leftover shepherd’s pie in a lunchbox, much to Charlotte’s chagrin.

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“Trey is such a Mammy’s boy — I don’t know what to do.”

5. Carrie would be like, “I’m sooo broke” and still somehow manage to go into Brown Thomas once a week.

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6. Samantha would say things like, “Let’s just say he crossed O’Connell Bridge and went to the south side.”

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7. Charlotte would almost certainly have been accused of being “frigid” at some point.

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8. Mr. Big would greet people by saying, “Howya, kid?”

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9. Aidan’s furniture would be stocked in some trendy/expensive shop in Powerscourt Centre and he’d shite on constantly about craft beer.


10. Steve and Miranda would meet in Hogan’s while Steve was working behind the bar.


11. Charlotte would try to get the ride during Dublin Tall Ships.


12. Carrie would go to The Galway Races once a year wearing an absurd fascinator.

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tumblr_ncz1k6KQam1qmi5uao2_500 Source: thingsilearnedfromsatc/Tumblr

13. Miranda would know exactly who this is.

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14. She’d make a really big deal about what an inconvenience it is to live in Drumcondra.

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15. Carrie would date a member of Dublin City Council for a while. (And she would later sabotage his efforts to become Lord Mayor via her column in The Herald.)


16. 37 Dawson Street would be their regular.

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17. Carrie would accidentally get drunk before an appearance on Xposé and text all the girls to be like, “Shite, I’m drunk at Xposé.”

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18. And she would snot herself while taking part in a charity fashion show…


And Rosanna Davison would step right over her on the runway.


19. And finally, people would constantly be telling Carrie to cop on to herself.

We’d never listen to this nonsense.


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