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# Sexist

Last year
# Offensive
Scottish Football Writers' Association apologises for 'sexist and racist jokes' at awards night
A number of guests staged a walkout at the ceremony in Glasgow last night.
All time
# Referendum
Taoiseach says 'women in the home' reference in the Constitution is 'sexist, anachronistic language'
Varadkar said it is time to separate the idea that women are inherently linked to caring and family roles.
# Russia
Burger King apologises for offering burgers to women who get pregnant by World Cup players
The deal has been called sexist and demeaning.
# Inappropriate
Spurs apologise for sexist survey question
A screengrab of the email, complete with a club crest at the top, said Tottenham wanted to find out about fans’ views.
# Sexism
Usborne issues apology for puberty book that says women have breasts to 'look grown-up and attractive'
Usborne came in for heavy criticism after images of the book were posted on social media this week.
# sexism claims
Remember this hugely controversial fitness company? It's back with a new TV ad
Protein World was accused of sexism and ‘fat shaming’ with its ‘beach body ready’ ad last summer.
# receptionist
People losing their sh*t over this sexist job description
“Female candidates preferred.”
# bic pens
13 products for women that seriously need to cop on
Don’t ask me… I’m just a girrrl.
# bum note
This ad saying women's bums are good for 'squeezing and shaking' has annoyed a lot of people
Dalai Lama: 'My female successor needs to be attractive, otherwise they won't be much use'
Not what you usually hear from the Buddhist monk.
# not to be sexist but
The Star Wars Facebook page responded wonderfully to a sexist comment
Use the force, community manager.
# Poll
Are Man United's new women's jerseys sexist?
Adidas have been branded discriminatory for producing two different replicas.
# back swinging
BBC apologises for sexist 'new kitchen' remark by golf commentator
The broadcaster has said that the comment was “inappropriate”.
# ant woman
Here's why people are saying Ant-Man is sexist... towards insects
Ants are the good guys…er, girls.
# Evolution
These modern ads are even more sexist than their 'Mad Man'-era counterparts
One promotion from 2008 actually offered men a trip to pick a Russian bride.
# not having it
TV host shuts down guest who says being interviewed by a woman is beneath him
The charming scholar also told the journalist to “shut up”.
# Everyday sexism
Sportswear company apologises for extremely sexist washing instruction
# Most unparliamentary
9 times when Irish politics has been really sexist
The debate about sexism in Irish politics has been reignited by Michael Lowry and his controversial note this week.
# Grim
This awful sanitary towel ad is under fire for being 'sexist' and 'demeaning'
Oh brother.
# The High Table Interview
Mary Lou McDonald: 'I'm not exactly a shrinking violet'
Watch an extended interview with the Sinn Féin deputy leader at’s offices this week.
# pink parking
Chinese shopping mall introduces wider spaces for women drivers
Now you can be as messy as you like!
# downing st catwalk
The most preposterous bits of the Daily Mail's sexist cabinet reshuffle coverage
Experience? Check! Political know-how? Check! Bare thighs? Check!
# Taking a swipe
'TV3 plus Baywatch babe' - Brolly brands Sky's formula 'sexist'
The opinionated pundit has stated on Twitter that he believes Sky’s tactics are ‘shameless’.
# Education
'Bordering on sexist': Quinn criticised for 'highly feminised audience' comments at teachers' conference
Remarks made by the Education Minister at the INTO conference earlier today have been sharply criticised.
# cracking birds
There's a new 'UCC Bird of the Day' Facebook page already
PHWOAH! Check out the legs on her!
'One Night Stand Guide' told men to 'prey' on women and get them drunk
A ‘One Night Stand Guide – For Him’ on the compared the sexual act to “murder”.
# In Pictures
Where are all the women? Cannes opens amidst sexism claims
Plus, all the styles from last night’s opening screening.
# Banned
Too sexy, too violent or plain offensive: 20 ads banned in the UK
Are you offended?