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13 products for women that seriously need to cop on

Don’t ask me… I’m just a girrrl.

WE’VE PREVIOUSLY LOOKED at items for men that were taking the piss, now we switch our attention to women.

In fairness, they’re just looking out for us.

1. How would we be expected to use a filthy man pen?

CS-AdhjXAAAaD7p Source: Amazon

2. Or a nasty lighter that didn’t have a cute lipstick on it?


3. Imagine having a bottle of beer that men drink? In public? Lord rest us

CS-AeCAW4AApZQu Source: Chickbeer.com

4. We sleep soundly knowing we are safe from male chocolate and how hard and crunchy they must be

CS-AdEAWUAAudsz Source: sfgate

5. If a man uses this he explodes into a burst of flowers. And all he wanted to do was cover a copybook…

CS-AfbFXAAAfy1I Source: thesocietypages

6. A female hammer? Shouldn’t we just call a man?

tumblr_n9utaf2QfK1tp3vibo1_500 Source: unnecessarilygenderedproducts

7. We can’t apply nailpolish with this?

tumblr_mz3gxfX2rd1tp3vibo1_400 Source: Survival supply

Oh my God what do you WANT from us?

8. Because your ears are too delicate for blue foam

tumblr_myyvmuVuVU1tp3vibo1_500 Source: unnecessarilygenderedproducts

9. Not to mention manly laxatives. They go hard

300 Source: Drugstore.com

10. Someone tried to make a woman use a standard Duracell battery and she wouldn’t stop crying for days

CMeorcdWcAATRFT Source: baconsocks

11. Pink hangers to hang up all those clothes you just won’t stop buying

CLpVSFJWUAA57Vq Source: Andrew Grace

12. Imagine using ugly transparent glue. EWWWW

BjQJYbeCIAA6JQR Source: rosiefiore

13. Women are bad at Geography and knowledge in general, so this one is needed

B9i-IxYIMAIH_IU Source: eggsandbread

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