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This awful sanitary towel ad is under fire for being 'sexist' and 'demeaning'
Oh brother.

AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR sanitary towels that claimed the product absorbed “way more than you ever did in maths class” has been criticised for being “sexist” and “demeaning”.

The advertisements ran in bathrooms in New Zealand malls and cinemas, and attracted much ire from the public and commentators alike.

In fairness, look at it.

Libra_ad_good_quality_cropped Fair Agenda Fair Agenda

*shakes head*

The Advertising Standards Authority upheld two complaints made regarding the ad and stated that it reinforced gendered stereotypes. It was also deemed to be offensive to young women.

Libra, the brand in question, argued that it was an attempt at humour based on the assumption that people of both sexes find maths difficult.

It is never our intention to stereotype or denigrate the intelligence of women in our communication.

The complaints board, however, begged to differ and said that the ad was directed squarely at young women as it was only placed in women’s bathrooms.

This is not the first time that Libra have come under fire for their advertising.

In 2012, a television ad featuring a drag queen and carrying the tagline “Real women have periods” was pulled after facing massive social media backlash for being transphobic.

(h/t New Zealand Herald)

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