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16 of the most inappropriate 'sexy' Halloween costumes for women


HALLOWEEN IS JUST a fortnight away and you know what that means…

A rake of nonsensical “sexy” costumes to roll your eyes at.

So, what sexy costumes can us gals choose from this year?

1. Sexy mushroom

YJ_MU320_EXCOST2015 Source: Yandy

“Ah yes, what a sexy vegetable” — humans eating mushrooms, apparently.

2. Sexy Minion

download Source: Party City

Inevitable, really.


3. Sexy Pizza Rat

YR_PRT600_EXLCST2015 Source: Yandy

“What are you supposed to be?” “I’m that rat who carried the slice of pizza… but sexier.”

4. Sexy beaver

CO_M6172_bv_CST2013 Source: Yandy

Ugh, you’re just leaving yourself open to gross double entendres if you dress as a “sexy beaver” for Christmas.

5. Sexy Caitlyn Jenner

cait Source: Spirit Halloween

Lads, no.

6. Sexy corn

corn Source: Yandy


7. Sexy checkered flag

sexxx Source: Spirit Halloween

Can we spare a thought for the poor women who are forced to model these costumes, though?

8. Sexy MMA fighter

mma Source: Yandy

Is there a Sexy UFC Fighter costume for lads?

We didn’t think so.

9. Sexy prison inmate

DG_9505YA_Costume_Inset_WBCST2015 Source: Yandy

Even comes with a classy ”Indecent Exposure” sign!

Oh Lordy.

10. Sexy Spongebob Squarepants fan

spo Source: Yandy

“What can I say? I just really love Spongebob.”

11. Sexy straight jacket

yandy Source: Yandy

Nope, wrong on so many levels.

12. Sexy bottle of wine


It’s only a matter of time until sexy prosecco is unleashed…

13. Sexy garden gnome

DS_38208_COST2015 Source: Yandy


14. Sexy pouty goldfish

sssd Source: Yandy

This is getting ridiculous.

15. Sexy Donald Trump

CPUrUY_UwAAJbFo Source: holly_holl/Twitter

Or rather, Donna T. Rumpshaker.

Creative, we’ll give them that.

16. And finally… sexy chewing gum

chewing Source: Yandy

Note how dead the model is behind the eyes.


giphy (16) Source: Reddit

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