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sexy pizza rat

16 of the most inappropriate 'sexy' Halloween costumes for women


HALLOWEEN IS JUST a fortnight away and you know what that means…

A rake of nonsensical “sexy” costumes to roll your eyes at.

So, what sexy costumes can us gals choose from this year?

1. Sexy mushroom

YJ_MU320_EXCOST2015 Yandy Yandy

“Ah yes, what a sexy vegetable” — humans eating mushrooms, apparently.

2. Sexy Minion

download Party City Party City

Inevitable, really.


3. Sexy Pizza Rat

YR_PRT600_EXLCST2015 Yandy Yandy

“What are you supposed to be?” “I’m that rat who carried the slice of pizza… but sexier.”

4. Sexy beaver

CO_M6172_bv_CST2013 Yandy Yandy

Ugh, you’re just leaving yourself open to gross double entendres if you dress as a “sexy beaver” for Christmas.

5. Sexy Caitlyn Jenner

cait Spirit Halloween Spirit Halloween

Lads, no.

6. Sexy corn

corn Yandy Yandy


7. Sexy checkered flag

sexxx Spirit Halloween Spirit Halloween

Can we spare a thought for the poor women who are forced to model these costumes, though?

8. Sexy MMA fighter

mma Yandy Yandy

Is there a Sexy UFC Fighter costume for lads?

We didn’t think so.

9. Sexy prison inmate

DG_9505YA_Costume_Inset_WBCST2015 Yandy Yandy

Even comes with a classy ”Indecent Exposure” sign!

Oh Lordy.

10. Sexy Spongebob Squarepants fan

spo Yandy Yandy

“What can I say? I just really love Spongebob.”

11. Sexy straight jacket

yandy Yandy Yandy

Nope, wrong on so many levels.

12. Sexy bottle of wine


It’s only a matter of time until sexy prosecco is unleashed…

13. Sexy garden gnome

DS_38208_COST2015 Yandy Yandy


14. Sexy pouty goldfish

sssd Yandy Yandy

This is getting ridiculous.

15. Sexy Donald Trump

CPUrUY_UwAAJbFo holly_holl / Twitter holly_holl / Twitter / Twitter

Or rather, Donna T. Rumpshaker.

Creative, we’ll give them that.

16. And finally… sexy chewing gum

chewing Yandy Yandy

Note how dead the model is behind the eyes.


giphy (16) Reddit Reddit

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