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What happens when a shark expert sees a real-life 10ft long shark? Hint – there’s a chance he gets as much of a shock as us mere mortals.

Image: DrGuyHarvey via Youtube.com

WHAT WOULD YOU do if you were minding your own business and observing fish underwater – when suddenly you were surprised by a rather huge and scary shark?

If it was us, we’d swim screaming for dry land, so it’s comforting to know that even noted shark experts get surprised (and perhaps a little nervous) around sharks.

In this case, Jim Abernethy was watching a Marlin scoot around underwater off Cat Island in the Bahamas for a Guy Harvey Expedition when he was surprised by a 10ft long mako.

The appearance of the shark leads to a flurry of expletives from Abernethy, who then makes a swift exit from the water.

“It was so big!” exclaims Abernethy, whose surprise belies the fact that he is, actually, a shark expert, and therefore a lot more prepared to deal with such a creature than your average person.

That guy had been working at Gold’s gym and taking steroids all his life!

So, next time you jump out of your seat watching Jaws, you can rest assured that even shark experts get nervous sometimes.

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