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Man tackles shark on the beach... then gets the sack

He wasn’t really meant to be in Australia.

WELSHMAN PAUL MARSHALLSEA was on a month long holiday with his family in Australia when a shark swam up on the beach beside some children.

Rather than panicking, he calmly pushed the shark away from the beach, and was heralded a hero when footage of the incident went viral last month.


Great, right?  As it turns out, not for him.

According the the Independent, Mr. Marshallsea had been on leave from his position with a children’s charity since April 2012 due to stress, and the organisation was less than impressed to see him wrestling a shark in Australia.

He has now been sacked, despite claiming that the holiday was prescribed by his GP.

Speaking to Wales Online, Marshallsea said, “Where do I now get a job? There’s not much call for shark-wrestlers in Merthyr Tydfil.”

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