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14 problems that only shift workers understand

“So, what are you doing for the long weekend?”

1. Feeling like you have to justify the fact that you’re answering the door in your pyjamas at noon

inspector_81 inspector_81

2. The fulfilling social life that comes with finishing work late at night

Vmware Vmware

3. OR going to the pub after work, and finding that everyone else has already been there for six hours

Tumblr Tumblr

4. ”So, what are you up to for Christmas/New Year/the long weekend?”

Gifstache Gifstache

5. The difference between what you think you’ll do in the morning before your late shift…

Shutterstock Shutterstock

… and what you actually do:

Flickr Flickr

6. This isn’t a notorious work of surrealism, it’s a straightforward representation of your body clock

Wikipedia Wikipedia

7. Having forgotten what times it is and isn’t appropriate to drink alcohol.

BobPetUK BobPetUK

8. The smugness of a beautiful day when everyone else is at work…

Urban Hippie Love Urban Hippie Love

… only *slightly* tempered by the fact that everyone you know and love is, well, at work.

9. That heart-stopping moment when you think you’ve mis-remembered the roster and are supposed to be at your desk

Autumnkalquist Autumnkalquist

10. And the even worse one when you actually have.

beardhairdontcare beardhairdontcare

11. Doing a late shift followed immediately by an early shift? There’s nothing like it.

Rich Moffitt Rich Moffitt

OK, so you probably don’t ACTUALLY sleep at your desk. But it’s as near as makes no difference.

12. Also: Everybody suddenly wanting to mow their lawns, rebuild their houses etc just as you’re going to bed

@Thatredhead01 @Thatredhead01

13. This epic poem, that happens to perfectly describe your relationship with your partner

Lifehack Lifehack

Or, to put it a different way:

Photobucket Photobucket

14. And finally, the joy of trying to find ‘lunch’ at 8pm on a Sunday night

fabbio fabbio

Although there IS the unbeatable pleasure of everyone else moaning about work on Monday when you have it off, and you’re like:

Tumblr Tumblr

(But mainly shift work still sucks.)

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