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Video of Fox reporter's inappropriate remarks towards missing woman a fake

Many were duped by the shocking video.

A SHOCKING VIDEO of a news reporter using explicit language to describe what he would do to the missing girl he was reporting on turned out to be a hoax.

The clip looks like an official Fox News clip, with the reporter looking at his script as if he doesn’t know he’s being recorded. He’s then ‘caught’ saying that he would have sex with the woman if she’s found.

The outrage spread across a few duped media outlets and the video went viral.

Part of the reason the clip was so convincing was that it related to a real case, a 20-year-old missing in Kentucky who has since been found. However, Mediaite exposed the clip to be fake, with an iPod earphone used as an earpiece being a big give-away.

FOX anchor Kjerstin Ramsing is also seen at the end of the clip apologising for the reporter’s behaviour. However, this apology occurred when a previous reporter swore on air during a completely different incident.

The clip was made by user Caindabomb and has over 900,000 views since it was uploaded last week.

Harsh and grave warning: HORRIBLE language and therefore NSFW.


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