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11 times Irish shop owners were too sassy to handle

Oh you GUYS.

IRELAND’S INDEPENDENT SHOPS are the only places to be.

1. They don’t mince their words

ipEv0z4 Source: Imgur

2. No excuses, just facts

You know yourself.

3. They’re not afraid to mock local dialects

X7g1MFp Source: Imgur

4. They’re honest about what you’re getting

BlRS2PJIgAADC3p Source: theleggalamb

5. But can still spell it out for you

BZ7LI4kIcAAqHnv Source: 11shifts11

6. They know you know a bargain when you see one

B6xtBnECYAAZ4-z Source: Twimg

7. But won’t accept any messin

no-horses4 Source: Sean Gough

8. A good pun never goes amiss

tb5PR5S Source: Imgur

9. And your intelligence always questioned


10. They’re happy to provide free parking

cA4pJjH Source: Imgur

11. Once you respect the limits

FvP8CuU Source: Imgur

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