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18 times Irish shops were definitely taking the piss


SOMETIMES, WE FEEL like our shops are taking the piss out of us.

1. This Chinese’s name is predicting your future

tumblr_nx6c3kLsAt1rs4x5ro1_400 Source: Tumblr

2. Sure look, you’re a gobshite if you want to get in

ipEv0z4 Source: Imgur

3. Please read instructions before reading the sign

X7g1MFp Source: Imgur

4. That time they sold this breakfast cereal for thirteen whips

5. Sure they’d sell you any old shite

You’d still buy it, admit it.

12111951_972472022775282_5678748676796052809_n Source: Breathnach's Bargain's

6. While providing absolutely no deals

B6xtBnECYAAZ4-z Source: Twitter

7. Except free parking

cA4pJjH Source: Imgur

8. Their products are sometimes questionable

9. Listen, nobody reads the small print

moZnERd Source: Imgur

10. Don’t say you weren’t warned

FqZwXiv Source: Imgur

11. When Supervalu Blackrock turned their sausages green for St Patrick’s Day, they were taking the piss

12. Enough with the bargains, you’re spoiling us!

14. And what do we do with the thongs?

BTQh1oHIMAAZujD Source: Kathy Farrell

15. This Lidl offer is right up your street


3Dz0ocv Source: Paul O'Hara

16. When Centra started selling hang sandwiches

2fc3681e13fc716ef931b5bc5b6ccf8a Source: Centra

They were definitely taking the piss.

17. Just like Lidl’s false promises

18. And finally, when Lidl sold this card because it knows all about your love life

CaJUVEaWkAAYZL8 Source: moonegirl_


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