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The 'Short Suit' for men is actually happening, and here's what it looks like

Fashion necessity, or sign of the end times?

THE SUIT WITH shorts. It’s the fashion development men have been either waiting for, or fearing. And it’s finally here.

“It’s definitely having a moment, particularly with younger guys,” menswear company J Hilburn’s creative director Jon Patrick told Businessweek.

The suit with shorts has, of course, been around for donkey’s years in theory. But major high street retailers are now jumping on board. Business Insider claims that “The ‘Short Suit’ is finally going mainstream.”

River Island, which calls its version a chance to “reconfigure your formal wardrobe in time for summer.” Asos is also selling one, as is Topman

Source: Topman

Reiss says its suit shorts will “ensure that even on warm days your style remains sharp”.

Source: Reiss

Asos doesn’t make any extravagant claims. It’s just selling this affair:

Source: Asos

As many observers have already pointed out, Pharrell is almost certainly to blame for this. He wore a short tuxedo to the Oscars earlier this year.

Source: ©Chase Rollins 2014/AFF-USA.com

So, fellow men… what do you think? Would you consider a Short Suit?

Poll Results:

I'd rather cut off my legs at the knee (2247)
I'm lost and alone and I don't know what's happening (1275)
Sure, it looks practical (675)

Please also let us know how you’re feeling in the comments. We can be here for each other.

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